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Church warn politicians against divisive politics

[Kiembeni Parish Priest Father Vincent Alicho. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The Catholic Church has urged politicians to refrain from divisive politics and instead preach peace and unity in the country.

Speaking at the Kiembeni Holy Family Catholic Church in Mombasa, Rev. Father Vincent Alicho said political elites play a crucial role in enhancing peace in the country.

“I ask all Kenyans including our politicians to preach peace. As Kenyans we cannot afford a repeat of what happened in the previous general elections.

The parish Priest further asked Kenyans to give alms to the less fortunate in society during this period the Catholic Church is marking Lent.

Alicho, a Nigerian Missionary called on the clergy to ensure that peace prevails, adding that they (clergy) are mandated to preach the gospel of peace to mankind.

“The church is all about humanity. It is high time we help our brothers and sisters by uplifting their living standards. This we can do by giving them alms,” said Rev Alicho.


The man of cloth decried rampant abuse of drug and substance abuse amongst the youths and called upon them to avoid drugs saying it erodes their moral fabric in the society.

He condemns the usage of drugs amongst the youth adding that it has a negative effect to their social life.

“Drugs kill. I appeal to our youths to shun from taking drugs,” the priest said.

At the same time, the catholic faithful says parents play a vital role in ensuring their children remain safe from drug and substance usage.

Alicho lashed out at some parents adding that they have a habit of staying away from their children prompting them to engage in drug and substance use.

“Parents must even check on the conversations that their children have with their friends. Bad company ruins good morals. It is unfortunate some parents have a habit of standing aloof,”