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Clergy warn politicians against inciting Kenyans

[National Catholic Bishop Conference Chairperson Archbishop Martin Kivuva. Photo/Fadhili Mwambingu/June, 09, 2022].

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has called on all aspirants contesting in the August, 9 general elections to prepare to accept the results.

Speaking at the Holy Ghost Cathedral in Mombasa on Sunday, KCCB national Chairperson, Bishop Martin Kivuva asked aspirants to have faith in the judicial system in case of any dispute arising from the election results.

Bishop Kivuva, who is also the Mombasa Archdiocese Archbishop warned politicians against inciting the people to go to the street, but instead seek the available legal avenues to get their issues resolved.

“As Bishops we are calling on all aspirants vying for any elective posts in the country to prepare to accept the results. We also appeal to them to have faith in our judicial system to resolve any dispute that may arise from the elections. Don’t incite the people to go to the streets,” said Kivuva.


The bishop urged Kenyans especially the youth not to accept being used to cause chaos and disrupt peace.

He asked Kenyans to continue praying for the country ahead of the August elections and also pray for all aspirants to campaign peacefully.

“We have officially entered the campaign period, as bishops we shall preach to you this message of peace every Sunday to ensure that we have peaceful campaigns and elections,” said Kivuva.


Kivuva urged Kenyans to critically examine the agendas of all aspirants before making the choice of who to vote for.

He asked Kenyans to differentiate between agenda and propaganda and not be swayed to vote by emotions.

“Listen carefully to their agendas and determine whether whatever you are being told is achievable”

Kivuva said the country need agendas that will ensure the youth have jobs, health care is improved and accessible to all, farmers are assisted, MSMEs are supported and the environment is protected.

He said that for any country to develop, there must be peace.

He further asked other denominations and religions to pray for the country and insist to their congregants on the importance of preaching peace during the electioneering period.

“It is our responsibility as bishops to speak to you about peace. I want to remind you, the citizens, that you have the power to ask leaders to tone down their rhetoric on political podiums. Let them speak about their agenda and development,” said Archbishop Kivuva.