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Closely monitor your children, parents urged


Religious leaders at the Coast are urging parents to closely monitor their children, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

The clerics have further appealed to parents to ensure their children are safe at home and not loitering in the streets.

United Methodist Christian Church Archbishop Bernard Amani Mudiri said some parents have completely forgotten their roles leaving their children playing recklessly in the streets without observing any health regulations.

Speaking at the Church compound in Bamburi, Kisauni after church service, Bishop Mudiri said children were sent home to be taken care of by their parents and not to be left on their own.

The religious leader urged parents to ensure their children are safe at home and they are helped in their school work.

“I have received various cases of children getting lost in the streets, sexually abused and some indulging in drug abuse and crime, so where are the parents,” he told the congregants.

Bishop Mudiri urged parents to play their role in their families and always ensure they openly explain to their children why they are at home for a longer period.

“Our children should know and understand why they are not going to school, what is going on in the country and what will happen to them if they recklessly play in the streets without wearing face masks for example,” reiterated the preacher.

He warned that the current experienced poor parenting in Mombasa may force many children to terminate their education in early 2021.

He said some children are already involved in the Bodaboda business and may see it difficult going back to class when schools reopen in January next year.

Schools and other higher learning institutions were closed in March 2020 after the country recorded the first Coronavirus positive case.