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Coast RC John Elungata breathes fire over Disco Matanga

[coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata during a media briefing in Nyali, Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar/10TH/03/2022].

Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata has banned night vigil festivities popularly known as ‘Disco Matangas’ in Coast region as a way of curbing crime and immorality among the teens during the seven weeks school holiday.

Elungata said night discos are the source of insecurity, adding that such gatherings have been banned for promoting insecurity and social ills like teenage pregnancies and drug abuse.

He said police should fight disco matanga (night vigil festivities) in the region saying the activities contribute to all sorts of crime.

The Coast Regional Commissioner said the practices such as disco matanga prevalent in Coast region has contributed to cases of teen pregnancies, school dropouts and dwindling education standards.

He said the cultural practice if allowed will compromise on the region’s education standards blaming it for the growing cases of sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies and high rates of school drop outs.


Elungata said parents should be close to their children and talk to them to understand the hurdles they face, guide and guard them from engaging in unquestionable activities through giving guidance.

Mr Elungata was speaking in Nyali-Sub County, Mombasa during the supervision of day three of the KCPE exam which is ending on Wednesday.


Elungata also urged the holiday makers who will be frequenting the Coastal beaches to safeguard their children from drowning while swimming.

“I would like to ask all the concerned authorities, the county government, the police, beach operators and holidaymakers to ensure kids are safe from drowning,” he said.

Elungata, who made impromptu visits to various schools in Nyali sub-county to ascertain the progress of the KCPE examination, said there were no cases of malpractice reported.

“We had only one case of a student who delivered but she was able to sit for her examination in a hospital, in the whole Coast region the examination went on smoothly,” stated the RC.

In Coast region both public and private schools 101,857 candidates finished their KCPE of which 41857 were boys and 42,284 girls.

According to the Kenya National Examination Council there are 1,2265,507 candidates who took the exam.