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Coast clerics join battle against Covid-19


Coast based religious leaders have launched intensive and extensive awareness on the Covid-19 pandemic in the region.

The campaign goes hand in hand with basic information about the spread of Covid-19 and how locals can fight back so as to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

Led by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops Chairperson Archbishop Martin Kivuva, the clerics said locals should participate fully in fighting the virus as it has proved to be extremely dangerous.

Kivuva said if all Kenyans and especially the Coast dwellers own the battle, Covid-19 positive cases will be reduced.

The Mombasa Catholic archdiocese Archbishop said the efforts should not only be left to the government but the public take fully responsible in fighting the virus.

“We should abide with all the Health ministry protocols, so that we do not contract the disease,” Said Bishop Kivuva.

Speaking at the same activity, where the religious leaders from the Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics (CICC) also provided traders and locals at the Kongowea market with face masks Muslim cleric Sheikh Rishad Ramadhan Rajab said Mombasa has been affected by the virus following its metropolitan status.

He said Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale residents mingle on daily basis thus the need for intensive Covid-19 awareness.

He said the anti-Covid campaigns will be enhanced so as to reach various parts of the region with main objective being ensuring locals take responsibility.

“Though locals are embracing the Covid vaccine, they should always ensure they fully observe all the health protocols to prevent further spread of Covid-19 in the region,” Sheikh Rajab said.