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Coast university students want 50% school fees waiver

[Youth activist Mr Junaid Feisal. Photo/courtesy].

Coast university students have threatened to paralyse learning if the government will not pay 50 percent of the total fees required.

The final year students said the government’s irresponsibility has subjected them to suffering.

Led by youth activist and University of Nairobi Mombasa campus student Junaid Feisal the students accused the government for opening universities without proper plans.

According to Mr Feisal, ordering students to return to campuses without considering the financial crisis parents have been going through since March this year has become a nightmare since bigger percentage of the students cannot afford transport to their specific schools leave alone the fees required.

Addressing journalists in Mombasa, Feisal expressed fears that a bigger number of the students may not report to campus for their final examination.

Financial constraints

“How can the education Cabinet Secretary just wake up and order students back to school without considering the financial constraints parents have been going through?” He posed.

He said it is already evident that only few students will report to school as ordered by the government.

“We will report to campus but we will not take any examination until the government pays half of the school fees. It has received adequate support from international communities,” noted Mr Feisal.


The activist further said that most universities are yet to comply with any health guidelines to avert the spread of Coronavirus among students.

“Unless Covid-19 pandemic is simply a gimmick, if it’s real then we fear for our health,” he added.

Meanwhile Mr Feisal has appealed to the government to secure paid for internships for the final year students.

He said attaching students with companies where they earn a little money will enable them overcome life hardships.


He argued that if the government can pay at least 450 shillings day for Kazi mtaani initiative then it can manage to foot at least 50 percent of the finalists’ school fee.

[Education CS Prof George Magoha. Photo/courtesy].

His sentiments were backed by Coast Universities and colleges Association Chairperson Edwin Shamir who also appealed for a fee waiver from the government.

Shamir said it is impossible for all the final year students to return to university since some are from humble background and their parents cannot manage to pay all the required fees within such short notice.

“We demonstrated to push the government to open schools but with proper plans and schedules not to order us to go to school without necessarily considering our financial difficulties,” he said.