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Coast residents warned against lethal games during Corona Pandemic

[Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata has warned area residents against playing hide and seek games threatening their lives and those of other Kenyans by sneaking to and from neighbouring counties under cessation directive in the fight against Covid-19.

Addressing locals at various points during an inspection tour at critical entry/exit points, Elungata cautioned those engaging in the illegal movement saying the government will use all means possible to protect its people from the killer disease.


The Commissioner urged Bodaboda riders not to be used to sneak people in and out of restricted areas saying they will contract the disease from the people they are carrying and take it to their loved ones at homes.

“You are strong young men but with fairly old parents, pregnant wives and young children back home whom you will transfer the disease which might kill all of you.” warned the Commissioner.

He said no amount of money can make up for a lost loved one therefore the need to be more careful and desist from the temptation of illegal transportation of people which is also criminal and those caught are arrested and charged.

Elungata commended people who have adhered to government directives adding that people should follow these directives including staying at home among others if the war against COVID-19 is to be won.

He said only those offering essential services have the right to traverse the region with proper documentation from the government and the business owners allowing few people offer the much needed services and delivery of essential products.


Elungata said the announcement by Kilifi  government was meant to restrict movement of its staff from the county at its exit points saying other essential service providers were not affected by the directive made by the Kilifi County secretary.

He said they had a lengthy chat with the Kilifi county government official and so the need to clarify the directive that had inconvenienced some essential services and deliveries.

“Life must go on and essential services will go on for people to have food and drugs among others as enshrined in the Kenya gazette notice during this cessation period.” Said Elungata.

The national government through commissioner Elungata also distributed face masks to local residents during his tour in efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.