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Consider other interventions-Joho urges gov’t on new levy


I have noted with concern, the suffering Kenyans are being subjected to following the increase in fuel prices after Introduction of the controversial value added tax of 16%.

This will have a net effect of increasing the cost of goods on virtually every item for every Kenyan. Our people are already overburdened by difficult economic circumstances like low incomes, unemployment and inflation. This would further worsen their livelihoods.

While keenly aware of our international and domestic financial obligations, I wish to urge the President to assent to the finance amendment bill that suspends the implementation of this tax.

I wish to urge treasury officials and other concerned government officials to consider other interventions, especially on the expenditures side. Some of the larger obligations can be restructured or rescheduled. Expenditures on large infrastructure projects should also be reconsidered.

Thank you