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Construction of Old town new park stopped

[Old town residents protesting construction of New residential park in their area. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir has ordered an immediate stop of ‘Muffadal Park’ construction in Old town, Mombasa, saying the construction work endangers residents.

According to Nassir, 8 houses have developed cracks with one collapsing.

Nassir accused the National Environment Management Authority-NEMA for ignoring the plights of locals in the area and allowed the construction.

He said all those involved in the project should be arrested.

“Old town resident are equally important and should be accorded all the rights,” he said.

He further said the residents have all the rights to live in a clean and conducive environment.

“I doubt whether NEMA did a feasibility study before allowing such construction working in Old town,” said Mr. Nassir.

He said he is already moving the issue to the National Assembly so as to unleash all those involved in the construction work as well as seek remedial measures.

For the last one week, area residents protested the Construction of ‘Muffadal Park’ saying it posed a major danger to them.

“We are not allowed to even replace our windows since this is a historical site according to the government, who allowed such construction in the area?” posed a resident, Omar Athuman.

[Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir at a past event. Photo/Abbas Omar].

Human rights Organisation Haki Africa is initiating a court battle against the contractor.

“These residential houses are weak since they were constructed decades ago, how can one construct a mansion that requires drilling without considering the locals’ lives?” noted Haki Africa Deputy Executive Director Salma Hemed.

Miss Hemed said as human rights defenders, they will not allow any construction works to go on in the area until the residents are fully involved.

Recently, Mombasa County government ordered owners of two houses Ahmed Joilani and Rashid Abubakar to vacate their buildings after they development cracks following the construction of ‘Muffadal Park’.