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Court orders detention of Mombasa pornstars


Shanzu law courts on Friday ordered the detention of 11 ladies arrested for involving in pornographic movies.

The 11 were arrested at Simba area in Nyali within Mombasa county Thursday night.

Shanzu law courts Principal magistrate Florence Maina said the 11 will be detained at the Nyali police station until 16th of September where they will be taken back to court.

The prosecution appealed to the court to accord them more time to accomplish investigations.

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The prosecurition told the court, the team leader Mercelline Atieno Onyango owns a social media account that she used to air the nude photos and videos to her subscribers most of them from the United states and the United Kingdom.

Their bond application was thwarted by court after the prosecution said Atieno has been into America and may leave the country immediately the suspects are released on bond or cash bail.

The prosecution further told the court that if released the 11 will erase all the evidence available in the social media account or in the internet.

“I order the suspect to be detained at Nyali police station for five more days and be broughT back to this court on 16th of September this year,” the magistrate told the court.