Home News Court orders immediate removal of barricades at African building

Court orders immediate removal of barricades at African building

[A bulldoser pulling down the barricades surrounding African Building in Mombasa. Photo/ Davis Mbunga]

Mombasa high court has ordered an immediate removal of all barricades surrounding African Building along Moi Avenue in Mombasa.

High court judge Eric Ogolla said that interparties should be served afresh and that the matter will be heard on the 15th of January, 2019.

The managers of African Building Estate Building located along Msanifu Kombo road barricaded the building thus making it impossible for business owners to access their businesses.

CBA Mutuya property group Ltd and Mugacha Chege Maina were ordered by Mr. Ogolla to immediately remove all barricades and allow tenants to access their businesses.

“The interparties should be served afresh before the hearing date, cost in cause,” Mr. Ogolla said.

On Friday the constructed iron sheet fence was being pulled down to allow a total of 18 business owners to access the building.

Among the businesses housed at African Building Estate Building are Blossom Salon, Fakhri auto stores, Big Daddy enterprises, Airlite electronics, Khandwalla and Company, Mega wines and spirits.

The tenants have decried the move saying they were not given adequate time to vacate the building before the barricades were mounted.

The tenants said the building is slated for demolition.