Home News Covid-19 affects child mentorship program- Youth activist

Covid-19 affects child mentorship program- Youth activist

[Old town Sports for Development Patron Mohammed Yusuf (Coach Ndere) (right). Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected children mentorship programs in Mombasa.

A youth activist Mohammed Yusuf said mentorship programs and other guidance forums targeting the youth and children have been halted by the pandemic, posing dangers to the well being of children in Mombasa.

Mr. Yusuf famously known as ‘Coach Ndere’ said children needs close monitoring, guidance and religious nourishment as well to protect them from societal evils.

The Old town sports for Development Patron said by leaving the young without any proper social and psychology guidance, they may be absorbed into various evils in the society.

Speaking in Old town area, Mombasa where he has been working with children and youth to prevent them from indulging in drug use and crime, Mr. Yusuf said efforts should be implemented to protect the minors from abusing drugs or recruitment in criminal outfit.

“As youth mentors we are equally worried by the current situation, most of children in Mombasa have been idling around some even in dump sites searching for plastic bottles to sell,” revealed Yusuf.

He said before Coronavirus pandemic, children especially in Old town area and in the Mombasa Island were fully engaged into sports, guidance and counseling, mentorship and religious nourishment, programs that have since been halted by the disease.

“Since we are waiting for clear guidelines from the government about sports activities in the country, we appeal to the parents to properly play their roles in safeguarding their children from social vices,” he said.

The renowned youthful coach and children mentor criticised parents for distancing themselves from their children especially during the Coronavirus period.

He asked parents to closely monitor their children and ensure they are safe at home.