Home News Curtains fall for Lamu renowned comedian ‘Jazino’

Curtains fall for Lamu renowned comedian ‘Jazino’

[Lamu Senator Anuwar Loitiptip (left) with the late Jazino. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Lamu community is mourning the death of a renowned self-made comedian Mohamed Mohamed famously known as ‘Jazino’.

‘Jazino’ was also referred to ‘Lamu confused’ and was darling to many locals specifically in Lamu and Mombasa counties.

Lamu confused as he was always referred to has mingled with various community and political leaders among them Lamu Senator Anuwar Loitiptip.

Mr. Loitiptip termed the talented old comedian as a humble person who used comedy to criticise local leaders or underperforming Lamu government officers.

He said, ‘Jazino’ fearlessly raise any concern to relevant authorities through comedy and mobilised the community to ensure work is done and done perfectly.

The youngest Lamu senator termed ‘Jazino’ as a personal friend who always engaged him on various developmental issues in the county.

Constructive criticism

“I have personally lost a friend close to me and who always engaged me on various societal issues within Lamu County. He challenged me to work extremely hard and ensure Lamu community gets the required services,” said Mr. Loitiptip.

[The late Mohammed Mohammed famously known as ‘Lamu confused’. Photo/courtesy].

Loitiptip said the late Mohamed was a developmental oriented comedian who apart from cracking the ribs of many people in the county and beyond used his talent to point out on societal evils.

“He properly castigated people who rape or sodomise young children, scoffed at those peddling in drugs to Lamu youth, he was against discrimination and human rights violation,” noted Mr. Loitiptip.

His sentiments were fully backed by Haki Africa Lamu county coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed who termed ‘Jazino’ as a talented old man with a community touch.

Jazino was a big Arsenal team critic and sometimes back he was engaged in social bickering with Mombasa self-proclaimed prophet ‘Chiba’.