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Destroyed section of Nyali bridge fixed after locals’ cry

[The fixed grills at the destroyed section of Nyali bridge. Photo/Courtesy].

Finally, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) in conjunction with the Mombasa county government has fixed a section of the Mombasa’s Nyali bridge that was destroyed following a road accident.

It took the concerned parties a week to restore the situation after locals took it to social media expressing their fears that another tragic incident could happen.

The section of the Nyali bridge was destroyed after a personal car hit the grills injuring one driver.

The two youthful drivers were said to have been competing on ‘who could outsmart the other’ in their driving experience.

The two who hail from Nyali, were driving high-end cars before the accident.

However, the competition ended abruptly after one of the ‘experienced’ racers stared death.

[One of the high-end vehicles that crashed at the Nyali bridge. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Locals raised concerns over the delayed rehabilitation of the broken grills urging the concerned parties to fix the road.

KeNHA together with the Mombasa county government moved to fix the mess.

Transport, Infrastructure, and Public Works, County Executive Member Tawfiq Balala said the engineers handled the situation as an emergency case to avert other ugly incidences.

The Nyali Bridge remains the only gateway to the northern part of Mombasa County and the entire Coast region where Mombasa residents living in both Nyali and Kisauni Sub counties use it on daily basis.

It is also the only gateway to Kilifi, Tana River, and Lamu counties from Mombasa County.