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Detectives arrest a serial scammer in Nairobi

[The suspected serial scammer David Ambuku. He was arrested by detectives in Nairobi. Photo/Courtesy/DCI/ March, 22nd, 2022].

A serial fraudster who has obtained millions of shillings from unsuspecting Kenyans and foreigners by posing as a senior procurement officer in various government ministries, has been arrested.

David Ambuku alias General, who manufactures fraudulent tender documents and local purchase orders before convincing bidders and potential suppliers that he will award them the lucrative contracts, was retrieved from a water tank, where he had nosedived to evade arrest.

Ambuku, who conspired to defraud two merchants Sh47.3 million using forged tender documents from Interior and Labour ministries, almost drowned after plunging into the water tank at the sight of financial investigations detectives, who raided his house at Kimathi estate, along Jogoo road, early today morning.

The con, who is a director of Kemoma ventures and several other companies working with crooked officials in government ministries and state departments, secures access to their well-furnished offices and boardrooms where he conducts his business unperturbed.

“Innocent merchants, who mostly comprise of young ladies and foreigners looking for investment opportunities are convinced that they have met the boss and part with colossal sums of money to influence the award of the contracts in their favour. They are then issued fake local purchase orders to supply the goods, before Ambuku stages his disappearance,” says the DCI report.

Another Chinese citizen lost Sh26 million, after being ushered to a meeting with the ‘procurement officer’ at a boardroom in the Ministry of Labour headquarters.

The serial fraudster with a knack for obtaining millions of shillings from unsuspecting investors without batting an eyelid, has previously posed as a senior military official at defence headquarters and obtained over Sh26 million from a would be investor.

The scammer who has over 10 pending cases in different courts has been engaging detectives in hide and seek games before he was finally nabbed on Tuesday morning.

He will be arraigned at the Milimani Law courts on Wednesday.

Meanwhile police are urging anyone who has fallen to Ambuku’s trap to visit any nearby police station so that they can be assisted to get back their money.