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Disband NYS, government told


By; Kenga Cyrus


The central government should completely disband the National Youth Service-NYS.

The government institution has been marred by massive corruption since 2013 and it has been on the spotlight throughout President Uhuru Kenyatta’s first and now second term.

Mvita youth leader Mohammed Hussein famously known has ‘Amadoh’ said that the institution has become a cash cow for few individuals at the expense of unemployed youths.

Hussein said that NYS should be disbanded as investigations are underway since it has become useless to the youth but enriching few individuals who have mastered the art of swindling billions of shillings from the youth institution.

He said that there are no proper laid down strategy as to where the youth go after they complete the training and most end up only on cleaning the streets and unblocking sewerage systems.

He said that 9 billion shillings was a lot of money that could be used to initiate important youth projects that could positively impact the lives of the youth in the country.

“About two years ago we talked about 791 million shillings NYS scandal but today the money lost is 9 billion shillings, is the government being sincere in the fight against graft?” posed Hussein.

The vocal, fearless Mvita youth activist said that youth in the Country had nothing to expect from the current government apart from promises which never materialise.

“Not only the NYS but the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission should also be disbanded, we have never seen much from it in the course against graft,” he noted.

He continued, “The government increased NYS allocation from 6 billion shillings to  A whooping 16 billion shillings in 2017/2018 financial year only for such huge budget to land in the hands of few individuals, this is totally unacceptable and the culprits should face serious lawfully actions,”

Hussein asked for a serious audit at the Kenya Power and the National Cereals and Produce Board-NCPB.

NYS Director Richard Ndubai, Youth affairs PS Lillian Omollo are among other 40 suspects to be arraigned in court on Tuesday over the 9 billion shillings NYS scam.