Home News Diver miraculously escapes death after container crashes car

Diver miraculously escapes death after container crashes car

[The scene of accident at Kibarani, Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

One person narrowly escaped death on Thursday after his car was smashed by a trailer at Kibarani in Mombasa.

The owner of the premio car was heading to Nairobi from Mombasa while the trailer transporting cooking oil was also heading to the same direction from Mombasa, Shimanzi industrial area.

Changamwe OCPD Joseph Kavoo said the container fell off from the trailer crashing the premio car.


“We couldn’t believe that the owner of the private car was alive, in fact he was not even bruised,” said Mr. Kavoo.

Kavoo further revealed that all the cooking oil inside the container was stolen.

“The driver of the trailer could not salvage any goods as locals made away with all the cooking oil packed in boxes,” noted the Changamwe OCPD.

The mid-morning accident caused major snarl-up at the only gateway to Mombasa Island.

Kibarani was rated by the Kenya National Highways Authority as a black spot.

The road was later cleared and the container removed.

Both the vehicles have been towed to Changamwe police station as police investigate the cause of the accident.

“Kibarani and Changamwe round about are experiencing a lot of construction works and I urge all motorists to be extra careful when approaching these areas,” said Mr. Kavoo.