Home News Divorce rate in Mtwapa contributes to gender based Violence

Divorce rate in Mtwapa contributes to gender based Violence


By; Mgandi Mgandi


Religious leaders in Mtwapa Kilifi County have raised red flag over increased divorce in the area.

The religious leaders drawn from both Islamic and Christian faith said that the high rate of divorce among married couples in the area has also resulted into gender based violence cases among children.

Speaking at Masjid Ali Bin Abi -Twalib in Mtomondoni area, Mtwapa, Ustadh Ali Awadh Omar said that most married couples seek Preacher’s guidance on how they can walk out their marriages.

Ustadh Awadh raised concerns that the increased marriage break-ups which he said are exposing children to evils in the society.

He revealed young children were indulging in commercial sex activities along the Indian Ocean beaches with both domestic and international tourists.

“Some underage were not attending schools since their parents divorced, they loiter along the beaches engaging in commercial sex activities with tourists, it is so sad,” he retorted.

Ustadh Ali revealed that most women were only attracted to men because of wealth, while their male partners seem not be satisfied with single partners.

“Most of the couples are not open to each other during dating that is why their marriages do not last,” he added.

He urged couples to abide by the teachings of the holy Q’uran and protect their marriages instead of fighting for break-up.

On his part, Bishop Raphael Nguta from Pentecostal Acts Church, Mtwapa said that the religious leaders have resorted into conducting dialogue in houses of worship on how couples should protect their marriages through prayers and dedication and avoid divorce.