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Don’t ban night Boda boda operations, tame insecurity, police told

[A photo of Boda boda operators. Photo/Courtesy]

Police should lift the ban imposed on night Boda boda operations.

A human rights organization, Haki Africa said that youth have been making a living from Boda boda business and banning their operations at night will deny them income.

Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid said that in most instances, one motorbike employs two people where one operates during the day and another at night.

He noted that Boda boda transport business has become the main source of living for many youth not only in Mombasa but across the Coast region and banning night operations will amount to loss of employment for the youth.

He further said that Boda boda operators were helping locals including those leaving workplace at night safely reach home since matatu operators close their transport operations much early.

“We urge security agents to beef up security in Mombasa and not banning Boda boda operations at night,” reiterated Khalid.

He said that police are mandated to curb insecurity and protect Boda boda operators during the night and at night as well.

“During the festive season, our youth are harvesting from their sweat, let police protect them,” he added.

He noted that areas among them Kisauni, Likoni, Changamwe and Jomvu have experienced busy Boda boda operations especially during the festive season and banning night operations has affected both the operators and the public that depend on the public means of transport.

He said Boda boda operators have been very useful even to students leaving school late after late evening studies.

Before Christmas celebrations, Coast regional coordinator Noah Mwivanda banned Boda boda operations at night and ordered all operators to cease their activities at 8 pm.

Mwivanda cited increased cases of attacks targeting Boda boda operators especially in Kisauni and Likoni within Mombasa.

However, Boda boda operators are crying foul saying that during the festive season business activities picks up at night following all night long celebrations for party goers who need to be safely taken to their homes