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Dr. Mutua’s reflection as a journalist

[KFCB CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. Photo/courtesy].

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has encouraged journalists affected by the massive layoffs in the Media industry never to give up.

Mutua said the sector is facing serious problems, a situation that should act as an eye opener to journalists.

According to Mutua, he experienced the same back in 2005 where he was shown the door without any notice or explanation and he had to painfully walk out of the Nation Centre building.

Mutua who worked for the Nation Media Group (NMG) for at least 9 years vowed not to go back to the media since he was heartbroken.

Dr. Mutua pursued his dreams to become the CEO of the Kenya Film Censorship Board.

“I thank the NMG for firing me since them I started putting my brains to work,” he revealed.

He urged those affected by the massive layoffs never to be discouraged but pursue their other goals in life.

“Let’s not force ourselves where we are not celebrated but humiliated,” he said.

Dr. Mutua’s remarks come amid massive layoffs in the media industry.

The major media houses among them Nationa Media Group, standard Group, Mediamax Network Limited among others are laying off their staffs.

Mediamax Network Limited laid off over 100 staffs among them top news anchors Ken Wariahe, Isabella Kituri and Nancy Onyancha.

Some of the journalists have since launched their on media initiatives.

The recent shocker emerged from Nation Media Group where over 170 journalists were axed.

Among the top news anchors shown the door at the Nation Centre are Ken Mijungu, humble Swahili news anchor Harith Salim among others.