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Dubai-based couple rescues Mtwapa vulnerable families

[Rach Family representative Suleiman Ngala (Right) handing over relief food to Mtwapa families. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

A philanthropic couple based in Dubai, in the UAE, has launched a program targeting the poor and vulnerable families in Kilifi County who are hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Through the Rach Family Trust, the couple Nabina Bishwakarma and her fiancé Ravi Rach, seek to help feed 45 families in Mtwapa.

The 45 have been identified through a research done by locals led by Suleiman Ngala, who represented the Rach Family Trust in Kenya.


Ngala said they visit the families at the grassroots level where possible candidates are and evaluate their situation based on criteria known only to them.

Among the beneficiaries, who would be fed on a monthly basis even after the Coronavirus pandemic ends, are a woman who was hit by stroke and a fisherman man whose wife died and left her with eight children and also lost her fisherman job after Corona.

Acute poverty

Kadii Kithi, who does not know her age, suffered a stroke three years ago, living his 62-year-old husband, Charo Karisa, to fend for the family.

They live with their two grandchildren, whose parents died.

Kithi used to do casual chores at research agency under Agriculture ministry in Kilifi, but this stopped when the stroke hit her.

[Suleiman Ngala (Right) shares relief pack to the needy in Mtwapa, Kilifi County. Photo/courtesy].

Karisa, a mason, has remained jobless since the Coronavirus hit the country. They go for days without a meal.

Their granddaughter Zeinab Blantus, 18, lost her job after the salon she was working in downsized due to low business following the coronavirus pandemic.

Another beneficiary, Dzombo Mtile, whose wife left him with 8 children, including a six-month-old baby, said life has been made even more difficult because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Also a mason, Mtile says he goes for three days without work which means they may go for three days without a meal.

Ngala said the 45 families in Kilifi county will be under the program for at least a year before evaluation is done.

Rach Family

The Rach Family Trust says it plans to expand the feeding program to include more families in Kilifi and other parts of the Coast region.

The programme is sponsored by Rach Group of Companies through the Rach Family Trust.

The Rach Family Trust has been helping the people of India, Pakistan, Malawi, Zambia and Nepal and this is the first time they are involved in the relief donations in Kenya.