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EACC criticised for doing shoddy job


The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission – EACC is once again on the receiving end for doing substandard investigations.

ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi said the shoddy work done on the KEMSA scandal may lead to a complete loss of taxpayer’s money if EACC will not up its game.

According to Mudavadi, it’s a total shame for the public institution mandated to curtail graft in the country to engage in ‘try and error’ kind of work.

The ANC party Leader challenged the anti-graft body to strive in protecting public funds.

He warned if the body will not dedicate itself in protecting public resources from thieves, Kenyans will suffer.

“I am not surprised but equally dissapointed by the deep-rooted graft in the country, EACC and other institutions mandated to curb corruption must depict total dedication in this fight,” said Mudavadi.

The politicians expressed his dissatisfaction in the manner the anti-graft body has been conducting its investigations sluggishly.

“The Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Hajj recently returned the KEMSA corruption case to EACC citing inadequate evidence to arrest and charge those who swindled the public institution millions of shillings,” noted Mudavadi.

He appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to relentlessly protect public funds by making the anti-graft body work.

Meanwhile, Mudavadi appealed to Kenyans to realign themselves with politicians who have never engaged in corruption.

He said Kenyans will regret re-electing corrupt leaders who have caused them alot of suffering and almost grounding the country’s economy.