Home News Embrace dialogue to tame reckless killings among families-Clergy

Embrace dialogue to tame reckless killings among families-Clergy

[Mombasa Archdiocese Archbishop Martin Kivuva. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

The resurfacing of murder incidents in the country has drawn the attention of clergymen who are now urging families to embrace dialogue to tame the disturbing situation.

Led by Mombasa archdiocese Archbishop Martin Kivuva Musonde, the clergymen said the whole situation is perturbing and needs holistic dialogue approach among families to be contained.

Addressing journalists at the Holy Ghost Cathedral Catholic church in Mombasa, Kivuva said the gap between parents and their children has pushed the young generation into evils.

Kivuva tasked parents to open up to each other, deliberate on pertinent issues revolving around their lives and that of their children.

He urged Religious leaders to create forums where they will engage couples, youths and children, giving them the much needed guidance to dissuade them from harshly judging, maiming and killing each other.

“Apart from dialogue among families, we all need spiritual nourishment this will enable us demarcate between bad and good deeds in the society,” he added.

His grace Kivuva reiterated that what is being witnessed in the Country is a shameful and state of despair especially among the youthful generation.

“When a youth uses an axe to exterminate his peer just because of a love relationship gone sour or a senior Police officer kills wife and pulls the trigger on himself it is truly unbelievable, let’s turn and seek God’s divine,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, Bishop Kivuva has appealed to parents to spend more time with their children especially during Easter holiday so that they discuss with them various issues of concerns in the society.

He said issues among them drug use, irresponsible sexual behaviors, insecurity, education, self reliance among many other critical issues should be openly discussed within families.

He said by guiding children to the right path parents will be securing the future generation.

In the past few weeks, the country has witnessed a series of murder incidents that involves the youthful generation, a situation that has raised major concerns over what the young generation may be experiencing psychologically.