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Embrace self employment to end poverty-youths challenged

[Mvita Constituency youth Leader Mohammed Hussein famously Amadoh. Photo/Haramo Ali]

Youth in Mombasa have been challenged to embrace self reliance to improve their living standards.

Mvita youth activist Hussein Mohammed said the current country’s economic status does not create room for all the youths to be absorbed in the few companies available.

He said youths should use the many available opportunities in initiating income generating projects so that they become self dependent.

Mohammed famously referred to his peer as ‘Amadoh’ said youth are the solution to their own problems and they only need to turn the problems into sustainable solution and generate income.

“We should stop blaming ourselves for the drastic economic challenges we are going through but instead take bold steps and embrace self employment,” he said.

‘Skills mtaani’ program positively impacted youths

The Mvita constituency youth leader noted that some youths who participated in the ‘Skills mtaani’ youth project initiated by Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir have made major steps ahead and are reaping from the skills they acquired.

“As youths we should not ignore such noble initiatives but participate and seek assistance whenever we are stuck,” he reiterated.

Mohammed also noted that some youths are reluctant in seeking relevant information about Youth and Uwezo funds available at the County level and in every constituency.

He appealed to youth within Mombasa to seek guidance from relevant county government offices in charge of the funds so that they can be aided to secure loans and initiate their income projects.

“If there are problems with acquiring these loans, as youths leaders and activists we are here to assist and solve all obstacles barring youth from accessing these loans,” added the activist.

Mombasa County government challenged

Hussein however challenged Mombasa county government officers in charge of Youth Enterprise Development Fund and Uwezo fund to take the awareness and in depth information on entrepreneurship to the youths at grassroots level so they enable them initiate business projects.

He said by doing so many youths will apply for the revolving funds and engage in serious business activities.

“If youth are fully equipped with information about these revolving funds they will apply and engage in serious investments, this will spare them the agony of seeking employed unsuccessfully,” disclosed Mr. Mohammed.