Home News End elders killing in Kilifi, Peace groups call for security dialogue

End elders killing in Kilifi, Peace groups call for security dialogue

[KECOSCE Executive Director Phyllis Muema. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Peace and cohesion non-governmental organisations are calling for a security dialogue between Kilifi county security agents and the community over the increased killing of elders alleged to be practicing witchcraft.

The rights groups led by the Kenya Community Support Centre, a peace and security lobby said that the situation has worsened as elders were murdered by their own kin.

Kenya Community Support Center Executive director Phyllis Muema called for an immediate security dialogue between the county security details and peace groups as well as the community since the situation was getting out of hand.

Muema said that elders in Bamba, Ganze, Kaloleni, Magarini were living in fear as youth had resorted into executing them.

Muema said the situation needed in depth sensitization and dialogue between all security, rights and peace groups so that it can be quelled,

“We can authoritatively reveal that at least 5 Kilifi County elders are executed every day, this is so devastating, it must stop,” said Muema.

She said the issue should be tackled since it has caused fear among the elderly.

“As we mark the International Day of Peace on Friday 21st September in Kilifi County, we will be pushing for clear strategies to end the agony elderly are facing caused by their kin,” noted Muema.

She said a recent research conducted by the peace and security lobby revealed that youth were killing the alders so that they own ancestral parcels of land since the elders were the custodian of title deeds.

She appealed to the Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Mutindika and other security and peace stakeholders to immediately work on a security dialogue so as to curb the devastating situation.