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End of the road for Akasha brothers as they plead guilty to drug charges

[Ibrahim Akasha (Close Right) and his brother Baktash Akasha after they were arraigned at Mombasa high court in 2017. Photo/Courtesy-DCI)

A long drug trafficking case involving Akasha brothers Ibrahim and Baktash Akasha ended on Wednesday evening after the two pleaded guilty to drug trafficking case.

The two pleaded guilty to the long battle before Southern District New York court to the trafficking in narcotics and corruption charges leveled against them.

The Kenya Criminal Investigation department said that it had presented weighty and tangible evidence against the two and taken to the New York court officers from the DCI to push for the outcomes.

The DCI in a statement further said that it worked closely with the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime UNODC to ensure a tangible case was presented before the New York court.

Earlier in July the brothers filed a petition to quash the case citing extradite and forcefully arrest was against their rights and the constitution, however in a ruling Southern District Of New York court Judge Victor Marrero struck out the petition said the court did not violate their rights.

Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha were facing drug trafficking charges and before their extradition, they were facing the same charges at the Mombasa high court.

They were arrested in January 28th, 2017 by Kenyan security agents and later Interpol and other international security details sought them for an international drug trafficking case where they allegedly smuggled into the US 98 kilograms of heroin.

They were on 30th January extradited to New York to face trafficking in narcotics and corruption charges.

In February last year, Ibrahim and Baktash Akash’s mother Fatma Akasha said that her children were wrongly linked to drug trafficking trade and appealed to the Kenyan government to return them back home so that they face the charges at a local court.

The two brothers will be waiting for their sentence after pleading guilty to trafficking in narcotics and corruption charges.