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Ensure your children inherit education, Mbogo tell parents

[Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo with parents after issuing Personal financed bursaries worth Ksh. 200,000 shillings. Photo/Courtesy]

Kisauni Member of Parliament Ali Mbogo has reiterated his zeal to enable children in his constituency access quality and higher education.

Mbogo said that education is the only reliable inheritance that parents can give their children.

The legislature said that despite poverty challenges in the constituency, he will ensure that children from poor families access quality and higher education though bursaries under the ‘Elimu kwanza’ education initiative.

Mbogo said that no deserving student will be left out of the program since it was through education that families will fight economic challenges.

He said that some students who already gave up since their parents could not afford their school fees have now been registered into various secondary schools in the country.

“Through ‘Elimu Kwanza’ education initiative the progress is encouraging, apart from the CDF funded bursaries, I have initiated personal financed bursaries to ensure a considerate number of students continue with higher education,” he added.

The MP said that education is a long term investments that would reduce poverty levels, boost the economy of the constituency, build youth capacity and to a greater extent increase income to educated youths.

“If youth access quality and adequate education then they can venture into self reliance projects instead of desperately seeking for employment, education is the only long term solution to the economic challenges we are facing as Kisauni dwellers,” he noted.

The Lawmaker admitted that the social vices experienced in the Constituency were as a result of low or lack of education among many youths.

He said that many youth have resorted to crime and drug abuse but such situation was only to be reverted through equipping the youth with education and skills.

He appealed to parents to embrace education and encourage their children to value and take seriously matters education so as to stabilise their future.

During the address Mbogo handed over personal financed bursaries worth 200,000 shillings to 30 students.