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Family fear their kin may be forcibly disappeared

[Abdulmalik Mohamed Rajab who has been detained at Guantanamo Bay military detention camp in the US for 15 years. Photo/Courtesy].

A family whose kin had been in US detention for more than 15 years without any charge or trial want a preservation of public security through executive restraint of personal liberty upon entry into Kenyan soil.

Abdulmalik Mohamed Rajab, from Likoni in Mombasa, Kenya who was in Guantanamo Bay detention for more than a decade is set to be released.

Rajab was detained alongside Guled Hassan Duran from Somalia and both are set to be released by US authorities from Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

Rajab had been in the US facility since 2007, while Duran had been in the facility a year earlier 2006.

Rajab was the only Kenyan captive held at the US Military base.

The decision to release the two was announced on Tuesday this week, by the Periodic Review Board, a US agency established to determine whether detainees at the facility were guilty.

According to the periodic review board, Rajab was inspired by a radical Imam to leave Kenya in 1996 to receive extremist training in Somali where he was recruited in the defunct Al-Qaida in East Africa (AQEA).

The US board also said Rajab was involved in the execution of terrorism in Mombasa against the paradise Hotel and an Israel Airliner in 2002.

In their home, Likoni Sub-county Rajab sister, Mwajuma Rajab said the news of her younger brother’s release was conveyed by her friends through telephone after reading it in newspapers dailies.


Mwajuma said after her brother was arrested and extradited to the US her life was full of frustrations to a point she became sick.

She said Guantanamo bay US Military base made arrangements where she was able to communicate with her brother through Skype after every three months.

Mwajuma revealed, at the time of arrest, her brother had been married and with three children.

She said the young child who is 15 years old now was three months old when her brother was arrested.

[Abdulmalik Rajab sister Mwanajuma Rajab at their Likoni home in Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

She told journalists that her brother Mohamed used to work as a casual laborer at a flour mill factory but would later venture into fish supply business jointly with his Somali friend as business partners.

Mwajuma said later her brother and his Somali partner relocated to Somalia to pursue their fish sale business and would later return to Kenya where he was arrested on terrorism activities.

She said while her brother was still in prison their parents died.