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Fighting Corruption and Impunity is Noble-MUHURI

[MUHURI Executive director Hassan Abdilleh. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

The Muslims for Human Rights MUHURI has criticized a section of politicians interfering with the fight against graft and impunity in the country.

MUHURI’s Executive Director Hassan Abdille said that the fight against graft and impunity is noble but must be very objective so as to make it a success.

He said that the fight should not be depicted as a witch-hunt and that politicians should allow relevant government institutions (EACC and DPP) to do their work.

Abdille noted that the fight against graft in the country has been marred with a lot of political interference and influence to an extent that Kenyans do not expect any positive results.

The human rights Icon revealed that the fight against corruption in the country was only meant to guard public property and not for political interests.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta should not relent in the fight against corruption, we want to see those implicated not only in court but convicted,” added Mr. Abdille.

He said that since President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga united, the situation is calm and these could help the leaders to focus in fighting impunity and corruption.

“The ‘ Building Bridges Initiative’ well known as ‘BBI or the Handshake’ has so far shown the will to respond to matters relating to national cohesion but the process needs to be rolled out as soon possible so that all Kenyans can participate in the BBI initiative. Otherwise if its only confined to a few it may not yield positive results,”  added Abdille.

He fully backed the efforts from the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Hajj for dedicating himself in the fight against graft in the country.

Abdille however insisted that Hajj needed adequate support from various government institutions including the President himself so that all those who are involved in corruption and impunity are punished.

The Muslims for Human Rights Executive director however appealed for a full public participation initiative in curbing corruption in the country.

He said that the public was the main stakeholder and must be involved in the efforts of agitating against corruption.