Home News Fight drug use, to safeguard young generation-Hassan

Fight drug use, to safeguard young generation-Hassan


A young anti-drug use activist in Mombasa has appealed for unity in the fight against drug use among the youth in the County.

The youth activists propagating for harm reduction among drug users said that youth have become unproductive following the effects of drug abuse.

Hassan Omar Abdallah who was addressing youths at Majengo area in Mombasa on Saturday revealed that youth have suffered the effects of drug abuse, discrimination and some disowned by their own families, a situation that was disintegrating the young generation.

He said that apart from drug use, youth were also at risk of contracting HIV since if under influence of drugs then they easily indulge in unprotected sex.

Hassan appealed to several organizations working on harm reduction measures to always focus on how best they extricate the menace and safeguard youth from drug use.

“We are discussing about the International youth day under the theme ‘Safe space for youth’, do we have this safe space for youth? It is evident that many are indulging in drug use,” he added.

The recent data from Reachout Centre Trust, an anti-drug lobby based at the Coast, over 8,000 people in Mombasa most of them youth are using drugs.

“8,000 people are using drugs, while approximately over 800 are registered under the Medically Assisted Therapy program where they access methadone treatment, this is really disturbing, we need a decentralization of such services,” added the young anti-drug Icon.

He appealed to the government to enhance its fight against traffickers so that Coastal youth and especially in Mombasa remain safe.

He urged relevant government agencies combating drug trafficking to descend on the traffickers and those manning boarder points instead of harassing drug users who are sick people in need of treatment.

Mr. Hassan also appealed to parents to be very vigilant and closely monitor their children during the holiday seasons so that they remain safe and protected from using drugs.