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Fund CSO’s to fight drug abuse at the Coast, NACADA challenged


By; Mgandi Ngala

Community organization working towards fighting drug abuse at the coast should be financial assisted so that they effectively reach the coastal community in a bid to contain the menace.

The anti-drug body has been further challenged to work closely with the community based organization helping drug users out of the menace so that the vice can be conclusively tamed.

Speaking during a stakeholder’s forum organized by the National Campaign against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse- NACADA at the Kenya school of Government in Mombasa, Reachout Center trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that despite the organisations making strides in fighting drug abuse at the Coast, they have not received the needed support in fighting drug abuse.

Taib said that Coast region is mostly affected by drug abuse among youth and not alcohol, though the government body has been concentrating more on alcohol and illegal liquor joints in the region.

“We acknowledge the efforts initiated by NACADA for reaching us in the fight against drug abuse, however inadequate funds is the main problem we are facing at the Coast, “added Mr. Taib.

He said that until the government body meets and understand what the Community organisations are doing at grass roots level, then the coastal community will languish in drug abuse menace and other related diseases.

“Our Main problem at the Coast is drug abuse but whenever NACADA launches its operation at the Coast it only focuses on Alcohol abuse, let the public body assist us in containing drug menace among our youth,” Noted Mr. Taib.

While responding to The Reachout Executive Director’s concerns, NACADA Chairman Major retired Julius Ayub Githire said that the Government body has now changed its working strategies and will be working the community at grassroots level in a bid to achieve a drug free Coast region.

Githire said that NACADA was closely working at the Coast following the immense of the problem in a bid to quell drug abuse menace in the region.