Home News Gazette Uwezo fund boards to empower women, youth -Hussein

Gazette Uwezo fund boards to empower women, youth -Hussein


The new constituted Uwezo fund boards should be gazetted so as to enable women and youth access the millions of funds lying in the constituency offices in Mombasa.

Mvita youth leader Hussein Mohammed said that though other parts of the country have already commenced disbursement of the funds after their newly constituted boards were gazetted all the six constituencies in Mombasa County are yet to disburse a single cent.

Mohamed, famously known as ‘Amadoh’said that one year after the general election, Mombasa County constituencies, Jomvu, Changamwe, Likoni, Nyali, Kisauni and Mvita boards are still ineffective.

Mohammed said that it was puzzle for the committee in charge of the funds to delay such noble process that is meant to help women, youth and persons living with disabilities overcome various economic challenges.

He disclosed that in the first phase between 2013 and 2017, women and youth who benefitted from the fund repaid without defaults.

“Uwezo fund has evidently empowered youth and women in Mombasa County, we should unite and discard all barriers blocking the process,” charged Mr. Mohammed.

The Mvita youth leader urged the concerned parties to unite and ensure that Uwezo fund new constituted boards are fully gazetted so that many youth and women who have already applied for the fund can benefit.

“Mvita constituency has received hundreds of application forms from women and youth groups, but sadly we cannot disburse the funds until the boards are fully gazetted,” he noted.

He appealed to all Mombasa County legislatures to push for a solution as well as spread the message to President Uhuru Kenyatta who personally initiated the fund with an aim of uplifting the living standards of youth and women in the country.