Home News Global Fund threatens to cease aid following endless graft at KEMSA

Global Fund threatens to cease aid following endless graft at KEMSA

[KEMSA Offices in Nairobi. Photo/Courtesy].

The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) is once again for the wrong reasons on the limelight.

This follows the disappearance of medical supplies donated by the Global Fund.

As quoted in the Business Daily, The Global Fund has unearthed a fresh scandal where a total of 908,000 mosquito nets, 1.1 million condoms and tuberculosis drugs worth 10 million shillings had disappeared from the KEMSA Warehouse.

Global Fund backed by the United Nations finances the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Global Fund also warned that some suspected fake suppliers are demanding 1.66 billion shillings from the Authority.

“Lost medicines are stolen and resold on the black market and to private chemists and hospitals,” the Global Fund Organisation suspects.

The Organisation also accused KEMSA of overstating the value of medicines by 640 million shillings, with some types of drugs having been inflated 100 times.

The Business Daily further indicates that some of the drugs, which were bought from Global Fund, expired amid a shortfall in government hospitals.

KEMSA is already facing another scandal after the tender fraud over the procurement of Covid-19 medical supplies in 2020.

Early this year, the government ordered millions of male condoms to quell he shortage of free condoms reported in 2021.