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Government to invest in TVET institutions

[Swahilipot-Hub Patron Mahmoud Noor and PS TVET. Photo/Swahilipot-HUB]

The government has pledged to work closely with technical and vocational training institutions in the country so as to ensure bigger enrolment of youth in the institutions.

The government has further vowed to forge better working relations with other stakeholders in the education sector to ensure no failures or schools dropouts in the country’s education system.

Addressing youth at the Swahilipot-Hub in Mombasa on Wednesday, the Principal Secretary, Technical, Vocational education and Training Authority Dr. Kevit Gesai said that the intermediate institutions plaid a bigger role in ensuring that youth acquire technical skills and become self reliance.

He said that working with stakeholders in uplifting the living standards of the youth in the region was inevitable and urged both public and private institutions to unite in achieving the noble objective of ensuring continuous transition from primary to higher learning institutions.

Dr. Gesai singled out Swahilipot-Hub, a technology and arts center located in Mombasa as a unique and noble institution that has brought many youth together to nurture their talents as well as learn about technology.

“I am fully impressed by the work done at Swahilipot-Hub, the authority will join such efforts in ensuring the centre grows and recruits many youth in the region,” added the PS.

Dr. Gesai admitted that most youth at the Coast were hopeless and felt discriminated by their own society because of their low levels of education.

“There should be no failure or dropout in our education system, those who did not join secondary school or universities have bigger places in technical and vocational training institutions, we must register them and guide them as well,” he added.

He said that the government has introduced a subsidiary of up to Ksh, 30,000 for anyone who joins a public technical or vocational training institute while the remaining fees can also be accessed through the Higher Education Loans board-HELB.

On his part, Swahilipot-Hub Patron Mr. Mahmoud Noor appealed to the authority to closely work with the technology and arts centre so that it can achieve greater heights in helping youth nurture their talents and embrace technology as well.