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Gov’t destroys food worth 10 million shillings

[Coast RC John Elungata setting fire on bad food at Kibarani. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The government has destroyed tons of expired rice and Spaghetti worth street value of 10 million shillings in the heightened war on contraband goods.

The consignment imported from Italy in 2018 was intercepted in June 2019 by a multi -agency team and had been stored at various warehouses in Mombasa awaiting destruction.

The Ziana Spaghetti brand includes 58 tons and 6 tons of rice imported from overseas through the Mombasa port, but hit expiry date while still in the storage at a warehouse in Shimanzi.

Speaking after supervising the destruction at the former Kibarani dumpsite, Coast regional coordinator John Elungata said the goods were legally imported but expired while in the storage at various Go-downs around Shimanzi area in Mombasa.

“These goods were legally imported, but expired while in the storage,” Elungata said.


The RC said the war on contraband will be won if the public cooperates with government agencies by exposing unscrupulous traders.

He has warned traders against repackaging expired food products and releasing them in the market saying they pose grave danger to consumers.

It is believed that the goods were waiting to be repackaged before hitting the market afresh.

“Repackaging of expired food products is serious malpractice that puts the health of consumers in grave danger,” said the Administrator, warning that government agencies are keenly following some unscrupulous traders for taking advantage of the covid-19 to supply expired food products.

[Bad rice and Sparghetti being destroyed at Kibarani. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Kenya Bureau of Standards-KEBS Coast regional manager Cirus Wambani said the agency has heightened surveillance on illegal goods.

He said the agency responded to intercept the consignment after a tip off from the storage facility.

“We have heightened surveillance to ensure the public is protected from consuming expired products, especially foods. We are aware business cartels may take advantage of the Covid-19 period to supply expired goods, this is something we will not allow,” said Mr. Wambani.