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Coast based health reporters to be awarded

[Reachout Media Awards designed logo. Photo/Tom Fondo]

Coast based Journalists who have dedicated themselves in health reporting will be awarded.

Reachout Centre Trust, an anti- drug lobby based at the Coast will unveil its first ever Media awards ceremony at the end of August in a colourful galla dinner to be held in Mombasa.

Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that fanatical journalists who have gone miles in highlighting issues surrounding drug use and harm reduction measures implemented by the Organisation will be recognised for propagating for positive measures in reducing the harmful effects of using drugs.

Speaking in Mombasa on Friday Mr. Taib said that the Organisation had an immense working relation with journalists at the Coast and it was imperative for such devoted journalists to be rewarded.

He said that drug menace at the Coast needed communal efforts from both the Organisation and the media fraternity for it to be tamed.

Mr. Taib revealed that journalists play a greater role in informing the society and pushing for drug policy reforms so that the government can fully venture into harm reduction measures in a bid to reduce the harmful effects of drug use as well as the effects of HIV.

“People who use drugs are categorized as ‘Key population’ and if ignored and discriminated they will not access health services, thus posing a major drawback in extricating the problem,” he added.

The anti-drug Icon noted that for the last 15 years of service, Reachout Centre Trust has been able to change the situation revolving around drug users through the help and close working relation with the media.

[Reachout Center Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/Tom Fondo]

“The media has been our main stakeholder in enabling drug users access healthcare and pushing for drug policy reforms, today, the harassment and discrimination against people who use drugs has gradually reduced,” he added.

The tireless health reporters from electronic, print, online and social media will bag goodies including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, television sets, cash prizes among other relevant gadgets in their field work.