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Decentralise Methadone treatment to tame drugs -Taib

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/Tom Fondo]


The National government has been urged to work towards decentralising methadone treatment at the Coast so as to help out people immersed in drug abuse.

The government has been further urged to work closely with anti-drug stakeholders on the ground so as to understand the situation on the ground since drug use is a security, health and social problem in the region.

Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that over 8,000 people were using drugs within Mombasa County alone and the number could not be sustained in a single methadone clinic based at Freeretown area in Kisauni.

He said that despite the efforts initiated by both the Central government and The County government there is need for more Methadone treatment centres in the region to ease Aaccessibility.

Taib revealed that methadone treatment has proved to be very effective in extricating drug use among people at the Coast and decentralising it will enable drug users get health services.

“Medically Assisted Therapy-MAT is very effective in harm reduction efforts and decentralizing it will result into positive impact in the fight against drug abuse at the Coast,” added Mr. Taib.

He appealed to the County government to strengthen its partnership with the Central government so as to expand the progressive methadone treatment program.

“We have registered over 8,000 drug users within Mombasa and only about 800 users can access the treatment which is just a small fraction compared to the upsurge of drug users in the County,” added Mr. Taib.

The Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director revealed that the Organisation has benefited from United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime- UNODC donation of a fully furnished container at its Half- way house which is now providing health services to drug users.

He appealed for close working relations with stakeholders so as to ensure drug users in the region easily access Methadone treatment.