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Deter from drugs varsity students told

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman while addressing Maseno University Public health students in Mombasa on Monday.Photo/Maxwell]

University students in the country have been asked to deter from drug use.

An anti drug lobby based at the Coast region Reachout Centre Trust has challenged students to focus more on education instead of doing drugs at the expense of their parent’s money.

Addressing public health students from Maseno University in Mombasa on Monday, Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that university students have become more vulnerable to drugs thus the need to sensitize them on the negative impact of drug use in their lives.

Mr. Taib said that most students have been forced to end their education and their dreams completely shuttered after they were lured into drug use.

“Show me any university in the country that is drug free, the answer in none, any university with students has drugs,” he told the students.

The renowned anti drug activist in the country appealed to the students to be anti drug ambassadors in the country so that they can instill relevant information about the negative impact of drugs to their peers.

“You are from Kisumu, the situation is the same as ours here at the Coast, please be very careful,” he reiterated.

On his part, the Public health department lecturer at the university Dr. David Masinde expressed his gratitude to Reachout Centre Trust for the informative session to the students and appealed for a close working relation and anti drug sessions at the university.

He admitted that students were susceptible to drug use thus the immediate need for an intensive awareness program in all universities countrywide so as to daunt students from being immersed in the vice.

“This is not only a security threat but also a health and social problem, we must forge better ways of curtailing it,” noted Mr. Masinde.