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Feeding program positively impacts recovering drug users

[RCT Paralegal Officer Hassan Omar Abdallah (Left) with RCT Counselor Simon Kiema distributing food to drug users at Shimanzi in Mombasa. Photo/Tom Fondo].

The ongoing feeding program targeting recovering drug users has impacted the fight against drug use in Mombasa County.

The program spearheaded by anti-drug organisation Reachout Centre Trust apart from improving the nutrition for people who use drugs it has also bring them closer to counselors so that they are helped out of addiction.

Reachout Paralegal and field Officer Hassan Omar Abdallah said though the program has been drastically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has positively impacted the fight.

Speaking during the distribution of the packed food to target group at their dens, Mr. Abdallah said the program is enabling drug users to adhere to anti- drug therapy.

“We are currently conducting nutritional support to over 150 recovering drug users within Mombasa County,” said Mr. Abdallah.


He said the drug users are also informed about the negative impact of abusing drugs.

“It’s not just about eating food, the program is fused with counseling session and sharing life experiences, that way we are able to detect their urge to walk out of addiction,” he noted.

[Far right RCT Counselor Simon Kiema with the Organisation’s Paralegal Officer Hassan Omar Abdallah distributing food to drug users at Shimanzi. Photo/Tom Fondo].

Through the program both male and female drug users have walked out of the addiction.

However, Mr. Abdallah says the program needs financial support so that it can be expanded.

In specific days the drug users after being fed they are taken through various recovering steps including religious teachings, personal grooming, sharing experiences sessions among other psycho-social support in a bid to help them cease using drugs.

Most of those entangled in the drug addiction are the youth.