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Gov’t blamed for Coronavirus stigmatisation

[KMPDU Coast Secretary Dr. Abidan Mwachi. Photo/courtesy].

The government has been criticised for contributing to the current stigma witnessed against recovering Coronavirus patients countrywide.

According to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union-KMPDU Coast region chapter, the government failed to inform Kenyans on the Covid-19 disease but instead threatened them.

According to the Union’s Coast region Secretary Dr. Abidan Mwachi, the government ought to have conducted adequate, in-depth and extensive public awareness about the virus.

Dr. Mwachi said the Health ministry miss approached the matter making Kenyans to fear government authorities instead of Coronavirus.

Wrong approach

He said the wrong approach has led to ignorance among Kenyans.

“Kenyans now fear even their own relatives who were once thrown into a forced quarantine and were found negative of the virus,” said Dr. Mwachi.

He said Kenyans still lack the right and adequate information about the disease

“Most people believe that Coronavirus is the most killer disease while it’s not,” said the medic.


He called for collaboration between the government, non-governmental organisation and communities so as to instill the right knowledge to the public about Covid-19.

[Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe. Photo/courtesy].

“Initially Kenyans wore face masks only to avoid arrest or police harassment, they never did it willingly since they don’t understand what Coronavirus is,” revealed the health expert.

He urged the government to change its approach on containing the spread of Covid-19 so that Kenyans embrace the prevention task.

The KMPDU Coast branch Secretary reiterated on the importance of public awareness and engagement in a bid to avert the disease.

Dr. Mwachi’s sentiments comes as the Coast region witnesses high levels of stigmatisation a situation that may hamper the government’s home base care program.