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Gov’t urged to initiate mental health forums at grassroots level

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman].

The National government has been challenged to initiate mental health awareness forums at the grassroots level.

This follows increased cases of severe depression, psychological suffering and mental related disorders among Kenyans.

Anti-drug organisation Reachout Centre Trust says mental health issue should be prioritised in both the public and private sector.

Speaking in Mombasa on Tuesday, the Organisation’s Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said prolonged depression, psychological suffering and cases where people feel left alone in their hardships has led to increased suicidal cases among Kenyans.

Mr Abdulrahman wants increased open forums that will mostly target the youth and the elders too so that they can freely chat on how they can evade mental related disorders.

Taib said the recent cases of people committing suicide, some killings their own parents or close relatives among many other social vices are just but signs that mental related disordered may get out of hand if not pursued early enough.

“We should not wait until the situation is extremely critical, let us approach and tackle it right now,” he said.


In a recent forum on mental health related issues towards people using drugs, Taib said mental problems has become one of the causes of drug addiction among the youth.

“This issue may trigger drug use among the youth and is also common to people already using drugs,” he disclosed.

The Anti-drug activists noted with concern the ugly situation where even police officers are also killing themselves or their relatives.

He said depression remains one of the problems facing many Kenyans and the national government has no option but to tackle it, head on.

[RCT Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman (In red and black t-shirt) with recovering drug users and staff at a past open forum on mental health. Photo/Ted Kalama].

In the most recent ugly incident that happened in Bondeni, Mombasa county, a 23 year old man Abdulmajid Abdallah Fateh murdered his own 69 year old father Nagib Abdallah Fateh, slashed his body into pieces and stashed them in a sack, he later dumped the sack inside a toilet in their home and vanished.

Abdulmajid has since been arrested and is being interrogated by security agencies in Mombasa.