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Home based care for Covid-19 patients long overdue

[KMPDU Coast Secretary Dr. Abidan Mwachi. Photo/courtesy].

The government ought to have opted for home based care for Covid-19 patients earlier.

According to health practitioners, it is the better option compared to isolating Covid-19 patients in various isolation centres countrywide.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union- KMPDU Coast Secretary Doctor Abidan Mwachi said isolating Covid-19 patients has yielded nothing since the figures of positive cases across the country have been soaring.

Speaking in Mombasa on Thursday, Dr. Mwachi said Coronavirus should not be treated as killer disease since such sentiments cause panic among Kenyans.

Community engagement

“The government should engage the community so as to make the home based care approach a success,” said Dr. Mwachi.

He urged the government to initiate various strategies before rolling out the option.

“Despite being a noble approach, there must be clear laid down strategies in its implementation,” he stressed out.

He called for an inclusion of various stakeholders in implementing the home based care program so that it positively impacts the fight against Coronavirus.


Dr. Mwachi also raised concerns on the implementation of the approach in slum areas within Mombasa county.

He noted that most of slum dwellers live in deplorable conditions and in acute poverty urging the government to initiate various health interventions in such low income set-up.

“These areas have recorded highest covid-19 positive cases and the government should focus on these areas in terms of awareness, covid-19 examination and nutrition support,” said Mr. Mwachi.