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Incorporate information about drugs in police training programs

[Reachout Executive director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/Tom Fondo].

Police training colleges should incorporate information about drugs so that graduates are well equipped on how better they can handle issues related to drug use.

Anti-drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust said security agents in the country needs adequate information about drugs so that they demarcate between drug users and traffickers.

RCT Executive director Taib Abdulrahman said the organisation is conducting continuous engagement forums with top security agents in the Coast region to instill the right information about drugs.

Taib said it is through such forums where police will understand how to handle people who use drugs and those trafficking in drugs.

He said people using drugs needed treatment, counseling and reintegration with their families and not incarceration.

“Our security agents should receive counseling training, psychology basics and basic information on drug addiction so that they also play a vital role of helping out people who use drugs,” noted Mr.Taib.

He said the anti-drug organisation is ready to work closely with Coast top police officers to enhance anti-drug engagement forums.

“The RCT-Police engagement forums are geared towards minimizing harassment among people who use drugs,” he added.

[RCT Executive director Taib Abdulrahman (In white Islamic gown) in a past RCT-Police anti-drug engagement forum. Photo/Tom Fondo]. 

He said RCT has engaged security department in deliberating on drug addiction among the young generation, engagements that will be enhanced.

RCT has partnered with Non-governmental Organisation Keeping Alive Societies Hope-KASH to reach many Police officers in the region, imparting them with the right information about drugs.

In a recent forum held at the Coast regional police headquarters in Mombasa, top Police officers from Kwale and Mombasa counties were taken through mitigation efforts being implemented by the anti-drug lobby in a bid to reduce the negative effects of drug use.

Taib urged Police officers to take the lead role in the fight against drug use among Coastal people and specifically the youths.