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Joho drops Clinical officers from payroll

[NUN Mombasa branch secretary Peter Maroko. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Clinical officers operating in public hospitals and dispensaries within Mombasa County have been expunged from the County staff payroll.

The officers have been on strike for at least two and a half months now.

National Clinical Officers Unions Mombasa county branch Secretary Franklin Makanga said the clinical officers have been demanding for payment of their salaries on time, improvement of working environment and other allowances stipulated in the working contracts.

“We have been seeking an audience with the county Governor Ali Hassan Joho but in vain,” said Mr. Makanga.

He said the clinical officers together with nurses have been fighting for their rights all along and they will not back down.

“We are being exposed to the Covid-19 dangers but we have been persevering, there must be a solution to this issue,” said Makanga.

He said the Union official are planning to meet the Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and other county health officials in a bid to take the stalement in the health sector.

“We have been further warned not to appear anywhere near any public health facility,” Makanga further divulged.

He said the clinical officers will relentlessly fight for their rights.

He said the profession should not be tarnished.

Since, 2020, Mombasa County health sector has been shaken following a series of industrial actions by health workers.

The situation was worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic where the medics decried neglect by the county government.

Joho, later sacked a total of 86 doctors including KMPDU Boss Dr. Chibanzi Mwachonda.

The doctors were later reinstated and they reached and agreement with the county government.

However, nurses and clinical officers are yet to return to work, saying the county government has neglected them professionally.