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King Fahad hospital health workers down their tools

[Lamu healthcare workers on strike, outside King Fahad hospital].

Health workers at the largest public hospital King Fahad in Lamu County have gone on strike.

This is the third time in one month for the health practitioners to down their tools.

Led by Dr. Amina Abdallah they said Lamu county government has ignored their grievances and they will not continue risking their lives and that of Lamu locals.


According to Dr. Abdallah, Lamu health workers lack Personal Protective Equipment thus risking their lives.

Addressing fellow doctors, nurses and other medics at the hospital, Ms Abdallah said they will not return to work until the county government implement all their demands at once.

“The hospital despite serving many Lamu residents, it lacks an isolation centre to attend to Covid-19 patients, we are risking the lives of Lamu residents,” noted Dr. Abdallah.


Over 6 medics at the facility have so far contracted Coronavirus.

Though Lamu county government agreed to implement the healthcare worker’s needs, nothing tangible has been done so far.

Meanwhile Haki Africa, Lamu county coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed has urged Lamu county government to seriously attend to the health workers grievances.

[Haki Africa Lamu County Coordinator Yunus Ahmed Isaack. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mr. Yunus said the county government has handled the health sector sluggishly warning that the situation may yield into major health crisis.

“We are in full support of the healthcare worker’s demands, like any other Lamu dweller they are at high risk of contracting the virus and they should be protected,” said Yunus.

The human rights defender urged the Lamu county government and the healthcare workers to reach a truce so that Lamu dwellers are not left on their own during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

Lamu county has registered over 30 Covid-19 positive cases.