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KRCS Mombasa officials get Covid-19 test

[KRCS Board Member Mr. Rafik Rauf getting Covid-19 test. Photo/Rafik Rauf].

Kenya Red Cross Society- KRCS officials from Mombasa Branch have taken Coronavirus test.

The officials took the second test to ensure their safety considering the fact that they have been always in the front line giving out humanitarian and other essential services to locals.

KRCS Mombasa branch Coordinator Mohammed Rajab Said said the initiative is meant to protect the officials from contracting the deadly virus.

He said the exercise will be conducted randomly and after a certain period of time since the humanitarian organisation has been providing both health and basic human interventions since the first Covid-19 case was reported in the country in mid-March 2020.

Health measures

He however appealed to all the staff and volunteers to observe health and safety regulations so as to avert the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease.

[KRCS Mombasa branch Coordinator Mohammed Rajab said getting Coronavirus test. Photo/ Rafik Rauf].

“We are in the front line both the staff and our volunteers, so we should take the Covid-19 examination time and again to be sure of our health,” noted Mr. Rajab.

During the second Covid-19 examination, a total of 105 staff and volunteers from KRCS Mombasa branch were tested.

[KRCS Official Aisha Al Amin getting tested for Covid-19. Photo/Rafik Rauf].

The examination results turned negative for the disease.

Meanwhile Mr. Rajab has appealed to Mombasa residents to voluntarily get Covid-19 test.

“Getting tested enables you to know your status, everyone is vulnerable to the virus,” noted humanitarian Officer.

He appealed to locals to observe health regulations so as to prevent Coronavirus disease.