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Lamu activists blame County gov’t for doctors strike

[Haki Africa Lamu County Coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Lamu activists have criticised the county government for failing to put necessary measures to protect health workers and the entire Lamu county against Covid-19 pandemic.

The activists led by Haki Africa Lamu County Coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed said the county government has totally failed in protecting locals against the pandemic that seem to be hitting the county hard.

According to Mr. Yunus, Lamu county has turned to be a laughing stock where people go in and out without going through any medical examination to assess their Covid-19 status.

He urged the county government to come out clear on its strategies to combat the virus that has sent Lamu residents into panic mode.

“We have been blamed for alleged trading politics, we are not into politics but we want locals to be accorded their health rights,” said Mr. Yunus.

The Lamu human rights defender said Lamu county government need to venture into containing the spread of Coronavirus in the county.

“The County has hit 23 Covid-19 cases and we are seeing no efforts to contain this disease, are we waiting for deaths?” Posed the rights defender.

(King Fahad Fahad hospital health workers in Lamu County on strike. Photo/Ahmed Omar).

Atleast 6 Lamu county health workers at the largest public hospital King Fahad in Lamu have been quarantined after contracting Coronavirus.

Yunus statement was backed by Lamu County Assembly Majority leader Abdallah Babadi appealed to the Lamu county government to wake up and fight the spread of Coronavirus.

“No proper strategies to combat the spread of the disease, we want to see actions,” he said.

He said it is shameful for Covid-19 patients to share same ward with other patients at the King Fahad hospital.