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Lamu county not prepared to tackle Covid-19-activists

[Haki Africa Lamu County Coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Lamu county activists have raised concerns over the county government unpreparedness to fight Coronavirus.

The activists say the county government has not implemented any measures to tame the spread of the disease.

Haki Africa Lamu county coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed said the county has been planning on various anti-covid-19 programs since March this year, but none of the programs has been implemented yet.

According to Mr. Isaack Lamu county has witnessed panic among locals after two Covid-19 cases were confirmed barely two days ago.

He said the human rights defenders inspected various public health facilities in the county clearly discovering that there are no any urgent measures to contain the spread of the disease.


According to Mr Isaack, the disease may spread and affect locals if no any mitigation measures in place.

“The county government has been planning since March last year however the plans are yet to be seen on felt on the ground,” noted Mr. Isaack.

He also urged the county government to implement the relief food program to mitigate the drastic economic hardships posed by the covid-19 pandemic.

“We were promised relief food distribution, but it remains just a promise” he disclosed.

The human rights defender urged locals to fully observe all health measures to avert the spread of Coronavirus in Lamu.

His sentiments were backed by Lamu County commissioner Irungu Macharia who appealed to locals to stop being ignorant and prevent Coronavirus at their locality.

The two confirmed cases are of two youth from Amu Island who are currently undergoing treatment.