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Patients bear the brunt as doctors strike

[Mombasa doctors led by KMPDU Coast chapter Sectretary General Dr Abidan Mwachi. Photo/courtesy].

Mombasa doctor strike entered day two on Tuesday with patients bearing the brunt for Mombasa County government’s laxity.

On Monday, doctors announced that they have officially down their tools following unimplemented collective bargaining agreement since 2017.

The Kenya Medical Practioners, pharmacists and Dentists union-KMPDU Coast Chapter said the county government has ignored their grievances for long.

KMPDU Coast region Secretary General Doctor Abidan Mwachi said they have been deliberating on the issue alone with Mombasa county government caring less.

“We have suffered, but none of the county officials care about us,” said Dr Mwachi.


He said despite Ministry of labour and social services intervention, nothing tangible has come out of the deliberations.

“How can the government deduct our money and fail to remit the same to authorities?” posed Mwachi.

He said as doctors they are remorseful for the pain they may be causing to locals during the strike, but they have no choice.

Mr. Mwachi said Mombasa county health sector has been dwindling since the health docket was devolved in 2013.

Forced referrals

At the Coast general referral hospital, patients were forced to seek medical attention in private hospitals.

“At this time we should not be deliberating on doctor’s health insurance, this should have been implemented long ago,” he said.

[Mombasa county doctors on strike. Photo/courtesy].

The KMPDU Coast region head also appealed to the county government to implement in totality all the allowances and promotions for doctors.

Dr. Mwachi said the doctors would rather volunteer in other counties than being tormented by the county government.


He said the over 200 doctors participating in the strike will not relent until their demands are fully adhered to.

He further said doctors can no longer endanger their lives especially during the Coronavirus pandemic by continuing working under deplorable and threatening conditions.

The surgery, maternity, patients in need of admission, Intensive Care Unit-ICU, and the emergency wings are some of the most affected departments in public hospitals and dispensaries in the county.

The largest health facility, Coast general referral hospital has been drastically affected as well.