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MCA wants compensation for families affected by clinker dust

[Mikindani MCA Juma Renson Thoya. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Mikindani Ward Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in Mombasa Juma Renson Thoya wants residents in his area of representation affected by clinker dust settling on their houses compensated.

The local factory Motrex Limited based in Mikindani has recently been asked by Mombasa County authorities to stop operations until health and environmental safety standards are put in place.

Exposure to clinker dust used to make cement is known to cause severe skin irritation and affects the eyes and lungs.

Thoya says residents have long complained dust from a huge clinker storage plant is covering their homes and lead to illnesses and deaths.

The MCA says the dust become airborne and settles on people’s homes claiming that two children have recently died of respiratory complications.

Mzee Johana Kalu a village elder says people’s homes are being covered in dust causing severe ill health to residents who are also worried about the air they breathe.

He says many people have concerns about their lungs and having breathing problems attributed to the clinker problem in the area.

“We want nothing less but compensation and shut down of the clinker plant in Mikindani,” added the agitated MCA.